Eva for Eva magazine # 01 - project info

We were asked by Chrisi Eukairia, a newspaper that is the leader in the classifieds media in Greece, to design the new women’s magazine “Εύα for Eva”. The design is based on a flexible 12 columns grid that gave us the flexibility to deal with the content with ease. On typography, we used are the PF Regal font family designed by Parachute. The logo is based on Lavanderia font, but we designed the Greek small cap “u” so it can be readable. The logo can move on the cover in every direction. Sadly the magazine stopped running after issue #3.

The first issue came out just before Christmas time 2013. In every issue, the role of Eva goes to a non-model, a “real” woman. So this is Georgia.

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Eva for Eva magazine # 01
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